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Our story

Affected by these tough times in the midst of a global pandemic, we as a small ecommerce team based in France have sought after different new products that present a solution to the multitude of problems arising daily and that can ultimately help in the fight against COVID-19.

This virus has changed how the world operates during the ongoing year and it seems to have also impacted the mentality of people going forward. Undoubtedly and hopefully, people will reconsider everything we used to do in terms of taking germs and viruses more seriously even in a post pandemic environment.

As hand sanitizers sales have emerged in the last months, it is very noticeable that there is still a disappointing number of people who do not partake in the effort of the minority to stay clean and safe.  We are excited to introduce a product that would inherently encourage people to use them. This easy to use and quite accessible bracelet, that you can inject hand sanitizer into, can eliminate within seconds any germs or viruses off your body with a simple squeeze.


The Rudband is a product that we believe to be a potential factor in significantly lowering easy to prevent contaminations. Being able to disinfect your hands whenever and wherever you are is hopefully going to lower the spread within your social cercle whether it be your city, school, home or workplace.


We have tailored the design to fit any individual and left no room for complaints. The Rudband is made of flexible and safe for the skin silicone material making it a totally comfortable wristband to easily wear all day long.

It is the ideal choice for healthcare and public service workers as the process to use is a simple fill, disperse and apply.

We have also made sure that it fits in and is wearable with any clothing styles whether it be casual or business.


We fully believe in this product being the ultimate solution to the hygiene issue that every individual is facing at all times and places.

Some people have recently shown themselves to be somewhat anti hand sanitizer. The argument being that excessive use of disinfectant products can hurt one’s hands and cause skin lesions but no worries, this wristband can be filled with liquid soap if that is what you desire. As long as everyone stays safe and clean, it does not matter what you fill it with!

Furthermore, you will no longer have to touch public shared hand sanitizer or soap dispensers. You will always be one squeeze away from an undeniably safer way to be safe.


Order now and be part of a growing community trying its best to limit the spread of the virus.